Sunday, September 12, 2010


When I meet people from a faraway place, I want to know more about what that place is like.  But then I get whiteman's guilt, and majority-person's guilt, and I figure that person probably doesn't want to spend all their time talking about what China or India or y'know Namibia is like.  This is probably true.  I floated this question with a couple of friends the other day, and one of them offered the obvious answer:

Don't ask them about their place, ask them about their personal experiences.

I can't explain what America is like, really.  Nor would I feel comfortable speaking for everyone from Mainers to Los Angelenos: different parts are different, you know?  I'm sure someone from China must feel the same way.  But if you asked about my background, or my experience in Cleveland or Pittsburgh or Seattle, I'd be glad to expound at length!

Sorry, this is kind of pedantic and obvious, I guess.  But it wasn't obvious to me!