Friday, November 5, 2010

New passport new passport

Complete with RFID!  (woo??) (those ?? are like you put in chess notation when someone makes a real blunder.)  Looks like I'll actually invest in some kind of tinfoil passport holder...

Mine was expiring in 2013, but it wouldn't have had enough free spots for all my stamps.  And more pages costs like $80 while a new passport costs $110, so, meh?

Incidentally: $80 for more pages?  Come on.  Is this 1839?  (incidentally incidentally, I hear you can get more pages in US embassies in other countries for free.  I'll be making a few embassy stops anyway, so hey, there you go.)

But anyway, this trip is now slightly more serious than it used to be, because I have spent honest cash on it.  And now I can start applying for visas.  ... after I figure out where I'm going and when.

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