Saturday, June 25, 2011

Now I'm going to India, for serious.

I booked a ticket. August 30 at 3pm I leave Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. September 1 at about midnight o'clock I land in Delhi. Slight shiver!

On another note, frequent flyer miles are a pretty weird shadow currency. Usually if you're going within the US (and if you find a "saver" ticket) you can get a round trip for 25000 miles. (I'm using continental for the examples here.) The same flight would cost you maybe $250, so 1 mile = 1 cent. But on this flight, it's an international one-way, which are rather expensive, so it would have cost me $800+. But using miles, it cost me just 40,000 miles. So each mile was worth about 2 cents.

(again, this is not quite accurate either; I'd rather have the $800 than the 40k miles, because rather few flights are bookable with miles. Still, not many currencies fluctuate by 100%!)

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