Friday, October 28, 2011

Diwali, as it happened

I've been talking too much. Here are some pictures of Diwali. First, lights, and I should mention that all the photos that look good were taken by Gaurav, a quite skilled photographer:

Lighting the diyas (mini oil lamps) around the house and balcony

Some lights around the neighborhood

Next, fireworks:

Gaurav insisted on getting this photo. Expecto patronus!

A bunch of neighbors. Hemant on the right.

Me and Gaurav, as I was leaving.

I meant to get a photo of us all, but Hemant and his mother were napping as we left. I'll be back in December. Now I'm in pleasant vacation town Nainital, and getting here was a bit of an adventure, including successfully running to catch a train, almost getting invited to someone's party, listening to music because I was just too worn out from socializing, and sleeping in the nut low of hotels in Haldwani. But I'm here, no worries, and will hang out today before heading to my friend Victoria's school tomorrow!


  1. wow that looks fun! nice fireworks

  2. hey, i like your shirt-thing. what do you call that?

    and the lights are so pretty.

    Please thank the mama for me- for taking good care of you.

  3. It's a Kurta, which is one half of a kurta pajama, which is the only traditional Indian clothes that I see men wearing.

  4. Those fireworks pictures are awesome!

  5. Lovely pix Dan! Looks like you had an awesome time! I expected nothing less :-) I'm happy you found a kurta to fit you ( as tall as you are! ).
    I would love to see some more pix. Do you have any? Happy Travels my friend!

  6. As usual (as of recently), all my pictures are on picasa, and the "Photos" link above should get you there. Let me know if it doesn't.