Monday, October 3, 2011

Last thoughts about McLeod

The Tushita Meditation Center has great summaries after the Dalai Lama's talks! They are much more accessible and modern. I got more out of 1 hour of that than I did of 4 hours of HH. But then, I guess people who are studying here do really enjoy HH.

But then, Tibetan Buddhism seems very very philosophical. Particularly the Gelugpa school. (I think it's the biggest school. The Dalai Lama is from the Gelugpa school.) I guess monks often study Buddhist philosophy for 15-20 years. And then meditate for 15-20 years!

A bit more practical stuff:
My guesthouse, the Sidharth, is great. 500rs, friendly, and a little bit off the main drag.
I like the Moon Peak Thali restaurant too- it feels like something that would be new and trendy in the US. The Ashoka Restaurant is recommended by my friend Earl, who's lived here for years. (but really, if you're spending time trying to find the best restaurant around here, just stop and walk into the first place you find. They're all good.)
To plan travel things, Milap at Summit Travels (in both McLeod and Bhagsu) was friendly and helpful.
This is the only map that seemed even a little bit accurate:

Also, as I've mentioned, in McLeod you can indeed have a fine coffee.

Unrelated to McLeod: I've been gone for a month, which made me reflect a little bit, although the only thing that's worth saying is some stuff about my stuff. Updated my stuff page.

Okay, leaving tonight on epic quest for Gangotri! Looks like this:
Tonight: bus to Rishikesh
Oct 4: bus to Uttarkashi
Oct 5: bus to Gangotri
Oct 6: hike up to Gaumukh glacier, stay in Bhojbasa town guest house
Oct 7: hike back to Gangotri
Oct 8: bus to Rishikesh
Oct 9: hang out in Rishikesh
Oct 10: bus to Dehradun, start meditation class
(of course, this is also on my calendar)


  1. Have you told them you are a big fan of Cleveland Indians?
    Lots of hiking & busing ahead. Hope the glacier is <17,000 ft.

  2. Hope you got some of those altitude pills....

  3. I looked at the Sidharth; now you're talking. However, I paused at "hooka in the Arabian nights room." See prior post re: whaling ship.

  4. Are there any Fine Types on the tribe these days?

    And I did have exactly 2 Diamox pills left, perfect for a 2-day hike. But then I didn't even need them! This other hiker, Ulrieke, did need them though, so I gave them to her. Having the right drugs: awesome.