Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finding tennis in Nelson, New Zealand

Well! We've been in New Zealand for almost a week now. We landed in Christchurch, drove to Queenstown, then went on to Milford Sound, the Franz Josef Glacier, and up to Nelson. Every day except for two, we've driven for 6-10 hours.

We'll go on from here to Kaikoura and then back to Christchurch.

Most evenings, we've stumbled into our lodging and immediately hurriedly set out to find a bar that's serving food, playing the Australian Open, and staying open late enough to finish the Australian Open. We're 2 time zones east, so the matches start at 9:30pm.

This time, we asked around and found one bar that showed it until 12:15am. We moved on to the next place that showed it until the end of the fourth set at 2:30am. Then we came back home and fought with the Internet until we got a radio feed and live scoreboard until the end of the match at about 3:30. Great match! Our man Djokovic (who I think I like because he looks like Rory from Doctor Who) outlasted Nadal in five long sets.

I'm tired! I'll upload photos of some great things in New Zealand when I have some bandwidth. (literally. we're paying $15 for 512mb/one day, and today's is almost used up. Aus/NZ, what the heck.)

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