Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Here is a google map of all the places I went in India.

Feast your eyes on this! I'd embed it, but it's got so many points it almost freezes my tiny little eeepc.

So what do I think about this trip through India? Beats me! I'm just starting to get perspective on about the first couple months of the trip. Give me a few weeks.

(by the way, I just fixed the "photos" link above. if you've been unable to see any recent albums, try it now.)


  1. Thanks for fixing the photo access!
    Your photos present a uniquely unvarnished view of your path through India.
    Very spontaneous- the good, the bad, and the quirky.
    A funny thing I just realized... your blog raved most about the food, and yet we never see it!

  2. For some reason, I'm not inclined to try to take pictures of food. I don't know, seems... silly? Kind of like taking pictures of hotel rooms (but I don't mind doing that because I can do it in private). Hotels and food kind of just seem like background; if I start thinking about them much, I'll start trying to optimize them (get THE BEST hotel or food) and then I'll go nuts, because I'm in India. Better to just get a good-enough hotel and good-enough food, and stop worrying about it.

    Anyway, about pictures, if you're interested in anything, you can usually look it up on wikipedia; I'll try to provide links in the future.

    Weird that the food came out as a highlight. I guess it's just that most things in India were some good and some bad, but the food was always great. Plus, certain things I want to remember and recreate.