Friday, May 4, 2012

I wish I were lower-maintenance.

I don't mean "low maintenance" like most people, like not wanting fancy cars or jewelry or whatever. I mean it like my friend Daniel means it. I wish I could photosynthesize and generate my own heat. I wish I didn't have to think about what to eat or where to sleep, so I could just take off whenever and wherever.

This trip is so fast-paced, more stuff is happening than I can mentally process.This is not a complaint; it's somewhat by design. But it still means that I'm slightly frustrated by the amount of time it takes just to get up, brush teeth, shower, eat, dress, etc.

(another cool idea for a trip might be to not try to mentally process anything! don't blog or take pictures! it would probably be rather freeing. don't worry, not planning on it this trip.)


  1. I solve this problem by refraining from eating and sleeping most days. You'd be amazed how much time you gain :-P

    You could also adopt a policy of a former roommate of mine - wear the same thing every day except for laundry day and shower... every once in a while. He didn't smell as bad as you'd think.

    1. That is true. Especially when the climate is not hot and you don't sweat much. I got pretty good at this in India (and I do wear mostly the same thing every day still, sometimes changing t shirts) but I think since I got into Aus/NZ/US/Europe my "feeling gross" sense kind of got bumped up again. But I agree that washing ourselves and our clothes every day is probably kind of overkill.

      I hear people say that about sleep, and I don't believe it. I can't imagine cutting back on sleep; groggy life is so much worse than fully awake life. Have you ever had a period of life where you could sleep without alarms? Or is this a luxury that med students can't afford?

    2. I've heard rumors of these mythical people who can wake up without alarms, but I don't believe it's possible. And groggy life becomes fully awake life as soon as you ingest enough caffeine to make it so :-P

      Also, I'm pretty sure my lifestyle means I'm going to die 10 years earlier than normal people, so it probably means all in all I gain no time at all :-)