Saturday, May 5, 2012

Quick update from Bosnia

I think if I got to design heaven it would be an infinite downhill slope, and there's really great scenery, and you have a bicycle, and sometimes it gets snowy and you can switch to skis, but you still get to keep going downhill, unless you want to take breaks for mild uppers and downers.

The difference between that and the past couple days is that I'm currently creating my own "downhill" by riding a scooter (it's like bicycling but cheating), and that in the real world you can't take mild downers and drive.

My route has been Ascoli Piceno, Italy to Ancona, Italy to Split, Croatia (ferry!) to Dubrovnik, Croatia, to Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I am now. Tomorrow I'm heading to Sarajevo where I'll rest for a day (whew!). I'm on an internet cafe computer so I'll have to say the following are coming soon:
- photos!
- a bit of description about Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia for that matter
- maybe a description of the ferry trip and pondering living in a sort of bubble where I don't meaningfully interact with any people for a few days but this is okay
- a little bit of Bosnia border shakedown
- maybe a map if I'm feeling creative

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