Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Netherlands, from bottom to top

From Amsterdam we went south to Maastricht, the southernmost biggish city (120k) in the Netherlands. I studied abroad in Maastricht in 2007. We met up with my friend Daniel who is still studying robots and AI and game theory there. Explored the city, ate Limburgish things like zuurvlees and vlaai, went to some caves. Shopped for shoes.

Maastricht's nice. It was only a little bit weird to go back there. Next we headed up to Groningen, the northernmost biggish city (190k) in the Netherlands. We planned to go wadlopen (hiking across mud flats), for which we did the aforementioned shoe-shopping, but all the wadlopen was canceled this weekend because of the weather. So now we're just hanging out here for a day or two.


  1. Too bad, no wadlopen. Pehaps you could instead try mud wrestlinglopen. With Mr. T, to boot.

  2. Afterwards, we talked to someone here who said "Don't go wadlopen. It's terrible. You're just walking through the mud for hours." It might be that we didn't miss much.