Sunday, June 24, 2012

Scooter data

Total cost for me to ride the scooter for 2 months: $1694. Yeah, I was unlucky, but even without an engine replacement (so, $500 cheaper) it would not be cheap.
Total distance traveled: 5278 km (3279 miles)
Total gas consumed: 174.2 liters (46 gallons)
Gas mileage: 27.8 km/liter (64.5 mpg)

Average daily distance traveled: 222 km (138 miles)
Average time on road: 6:41
Average speed: 33.3 km/hr (20 mph; pokin' along!)

Longest day, time-wise: April 23, Fussen to Zurich, 9.5 hrs. Probably the most climates too. Included a summer valley, ski resorts, a big city, and yaks. Sort of freezing. Maybe the biggest ups and downs day.

Longest day, distance-wise: June 12, Ceske Budejovice to Munich, 355km. The first half was fine, the second half was driving rain, but I was in a hurry to get back. Maybe the worst overall day.
Fastest day: May 12, Kecskemet to Miskolc (Hungary), 52.67 km/hr. This is the one where I ran out of gas and then had to get a battery jump. Started at 2pm, ended at 8pm with daylight running out fast.

Best day #1: Zurich to Savognin (Switzerland). Just alps. A lot of wind, high speed, good roads, good weather.

Best day #2: Split to Dubrovnik (Croatia). Mountains and coast.

Day I thought I was most likely to get lost in the wilderness: Mostar to Sarajevo. In an effort to find a more interesting road, I ended up on a dirt path for about a half hour.

Least favorite countries to ride in: Italy, Hungary, and Poland.

Favorites: Switzerland, Bosnia, and the Czech Republic.


  1. Besides the cost, do you recommend the motorbike?
    Do you think a train or car would have been better?
    How would your experience have changed?

  2. Do you think you'd have been better off with a motorcycle? (You could have had many more speeding tickets :D) Actually, it would be smoother and perhaps more fun.

  3. Mom: yeah, totally recommend it. Way better than a car, because you're outside, and it's easier to get through traffic and park. Better than trains too. Travel by motorcycle/scooter is a trip in itself, while train/bus is just a way to get from A to B. I would not be able just be a tourist for all this time.

    Dad: nah, it was nice going at that speed. I guess motorcycles are fun on corners or something? Maybe that would be fun. Haven't really ridden very far on one so I can't say.