Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tansen, Nepal: while we're making European comparisons, let's call this the little Bruges

because it's old, pretty, labyrinthine, and there's not a lot to do there but it's worth stopping anyway. Just outside the town, there are woods, Hanuman, and an awesome view you can walk to in about a half hour.

Microsoft interviewer: "How would you move Mt. Fuji?" Best answer: "Ask Hanuman to do it."

Listen, when I keep saying places are the prettiest places ever, just ignore me. At the end of the trip, I'll let you know what's actually the prettiest place ever.

The road to Pokhara

Not much to say; I only had a day there, and spent most of it walking around looking at nice places. Eating Newari food, which includes a few interesting dishes. A few fellow traveler friends and I went to find a coffee plantation. The map said it was there, but no luck, so we just ended up going for a walk.

Which helped me realize: I really like trying to find something. Especially if it's a bit silly, and especially if it's someone else's goal. I don't even care if we find it. Hey, anything you'd like me to find and photograph or something in Nepal, India, Cambodia, etc?


  1. Hey Dan, I think I left my camera on top of Mount Everest, so if you wouldn't mind retrieving it for me, I'd be much obliged.

  2. I really like to see local handcrafts and someone making them- so if you see anything like that, take a photo.
    Also I like animal photos- unusual animals not seen around home- or local pets.

  3. You left your camera on Mt. Everest? So there's no hope of you ever getting it back? Excellent! I mean erm tragic...

    As for local pets, I think the best I've got is this.