Sunday, December 18, 2011

It occurs to me that fewer things stand out now

So I got on the train in Jaipur, found out that 2AC is really just like 3AC with slightly fewer people, talked with my fellow passengers, played a game that involved singing a song that starts with the last letter of the last song, shared their dinner, tried an "almond milk" that was just cow milk with sugar and chunks of almond, got off the train 32 hours later in Guntakal, and took three buses to Hampi via Bellary and Hospet, stopping for an amazing breakfast of idlis and vadas. This trip segment feels like the kind of thing that would have absolutely fascinated me a while ago; now it's just another trip.

Sometimes I'll read an article about how traveling makes you feel like a child again. Maybe after you travel in the same country for a while, you're not like a child any more. Taking an overnight train used to involve a lot of mental effort: how do I find my seat? how do I make the bed? should I eat dinner before I get on? Now it involves only a couple thoughts: get to the station on time, get off on time. The rest is automatic.

This is fine. I guess it means there's less confusion and less wonder. I guess now is when the trip can deepen a little bit and one can get more in depth into... what?... instead of gawking at all the surface differences all the time. So I guess I'm not sure what to do with this. But it's fine.

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