Friday, December 30, 2011

Maybe I should only travel goal-oriented

An interesting internet person I follow named Josh Whiton wrote a short bit about travel. He talks about his friend who loves to travel anywhere, just because it's new, while Josh likes to travel with a goal. It's a personality difference; she cares about new experiences and relationships, while he cares more about progressing towards goals.

"This doesn't mean getting in and out, all business no play, without stopping to take it all in, mix with locals, or let some current of life sweep him away. But it does mean all that happens against a backdrop of some mission, even if it changes along the way."

This resonates with me. Maybe I'm just not wired to enjoy anything just because it's new. (food is an exception.) I've thought it was a bit neurotic, like I can't "switch off" and relax, but maybe it's just a thing I need to learn to work with, and I ought to orient my travels, short and long, around certain goals.

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