Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jaipur! Argh!

What is wrong with this place! It has all the walkability of New Delhi, my hotel is a few km from everything, tuk-tuk drivers are incessant and awful, and the primary pastime seems to be shopping or spending a few bucks to see sights you don't care about. I guess there are some pretty buildings.

I mainly came to see this, the Jantar Mantar. It was an observatory. This thing you see here is the world's largest sundial.

A scattering of other observatorial implements.

The Albert Hall. I wonder how many holes it takes to fill it.

I don't know what this building is, but it's kind of cool.

Crowning moment:
Me: Do you know the Krishna Palace hotel?
Tuk-tuk driver: (reads card, realizes it's a few km away) Okay.
Me: How much?
Driver: Fifty dollars.
Me: Fifty rupees? Okay. (this journey is worth about 50-100 rupees.)
Driver: No. Fifty dollars.

Sir, screw you, and it's taking a bit of self restraint for me to avoid saying "and screw your city."

Well! I leave in a few hours on a long long trip to Hampi. Wish me luck!


  1. hey Dan, this is your cousin Tim. Been watching your blog, interesting stuff. Take care and be safe.

  2. Hi Tim- Thanks, good to hear from you. Take care too, talk to you later!