Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some photos from this biking trip so far

By a winery on the way to Hanmer Springs

View from Conical Hill, Hanmer Springs

Somewhere around Lewis Pass

The towns are not much. Mostly friendly people though. This is Reefton.

Scones, tea, biking, and I tried to fit the lake below in this photo too but it didn't fit.

Doesn't look so steep here! This is the route up to Arthur's Pass.


  1. Great adventures. Great biking, did you see Lance Armstrong on your way up the mountain?
    Maybe you need bird bells.
    Love the pictures. I must find out why your cell phone often takes better color pictures than my new Canon! Very artsy composition with the scone.

  2. It is humbling to look up the Tour de France and see that those guys ride literally twice this far, and many times as steep, every day for the whole race. Wow! I bet they do not get off and catch their breath either :D

  3. What an awesome landscape to be riding through! I have to say I'm a bit jealous. A bike trip is definitely on my "must do someday" list.