Friday, February 3, 2012

South Island, take two, slower this time

My family left yesterday morning, after we've toured quite a substantial bit. It feels like my mind has been running a lot of programs for a while, so I can't even collect my thoughts (right now I'm in a crummy convenience store which is of course playing terrible radio) so instead here is a list of some things we did since we last spoke:

- went to Nelson, where my family went on a somewhat ill-fated kayaking trip to see some seals, while I stayed back, skyped some professors, and got accepted to the University of Washington
- went to Kaikoura, went out on a boat to see literally hundreds of dolphins doing flips and stuff
- went to Christchurch, met our friend's brother's wife's parents, the Fosters, who kindly put us up and helped me as I:
- got a bike lined up to go biking!

My route looks something like this. I am excited to get back on two wheels, excited to have a bit more time, sad that my family has left, and only a little nervous about biking so much.


  1. I heard that Fosters is Australian for beer.

  2. Your plan looks cool, Dan! Where are you staying, and how do you know how high the inclines will be? Is it in the book?

  3. Hey Mate,
    You'll have to find the southern cross for us, while you are in the mountains.

  4. Jay: hmm! Perhaps they are spies...
    Helix: I'm mostly staying in backpackers places. It's a little dicey to find some of these, but generally not a problem.
    Mr. T: It's still been cloudy every night. :P