Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Germany -> Austria -> Liechtenstein -> Switzerland

Did you ever play Moto Racer? When you set a record, it would say in a deep ad-salesman voice "New Record!" Now, I'm not going to be setting any speed records on this bike, but 4 countries in one day is a pretty good one, I think.

It was a long day! 9am-7pm, all told. I was a little worried that I wouldn't even make it. Luckily, we are at such high altitude (same as Seattle) that it stays light approximately forever.

It was a beautiful day! Austrian valleys, then Austrian ski resorts, then Liechtensteiner, um, nothing, then Swiss hills again until the uneventful but rather pretty way in to Zurich.

I'm here in Zurich today and tomorrow, and then will head south towards Italy. (if I can find a mountain pass that's open. Hah!)


  1. did I see a .......yak??

    Switzerland has always been my dream destination. Looking at your photos, I remember why. The mountains, the villages, the chocolate, the cheese, sleeping on beds with feather duvets.....enjoy!

  2. Well, our altitude in Cleveland is 650 feet and it gets dark early here :D
    However, we have good attitudes so it is light enough.
    What? Shut up.
    Love the bike adventures. Wish I had one :P

  3. just awesome pictures. looks amazing. keep having fun :)