Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello from Bulgaria!

I've made it another halfway around the world. Sofia, Bulgaria. Adventure Part 1 completed, Adventure Part 2 just beginning. Starting here in Sofia, I'll head around Bulgaria and some of the former Yugoslavia countries, scoot North to Poland, Ukraine, Czech, then cross through Germany to the Netherlands. I leave from Amsterdam on July 5.

The guiding principles for Adventure Part 2 are:
1. Go where my friends are
2. Go where my friends have suggested I go
3. Go to Ukraine for a little bit at least
4. Go where people might appreciate the tourism

All that said, I am much less prepared for Adventure Part 2. I hardly read up on history or language or anything. Given my tendency towards eggheadedness, maybe a bit of winging it would do me some good.


  1. You should go to the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. The dogs are very nice, so the coast is probably nice too.

  2. hi, Dan! Glad to see you blogging again.
    Every picture I see of Sofia has the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in it, so I hope you go there!
    It looks amazing- and so do the mountains next to Sofia.
    May you find some good coffee....

  3. let me know when you are in Czech! i will be in Krakow in two weekends, Budapest early may and German mid may and Prague the rest of the time! Time to get our bannanagrams on! Travel safe!