Friday, March 30, 2012

Pittsburgh and Cleveland: same as it ever was

I went to Pittsburgh. Had a great time at the CMU HCII. Caught up with some friends in Squirrel Hill. CMU is nice, Squirrel Hill is doing well, Shadyside is upscale, Friendship and Bloomfield and Lawrenceville are still hip, Downtown is downtown, and the Strip is still awesome.

Now I'm in Westlake, Ohio, hanging out with family and trying to decide between CMU and UW. Cleveland is still surprisingly cool (went to Tremont for the first time the other day). Westlake is still a suburb. I'm iterating on aloo gobhi, palak paneer, and chana masala; putting my bottle caps and ticket stubs into collections; doing a little bit of planning.

On April 8 I leave for Bulgaria. I'm planning to buy a motorcycle there, ride it up through the Balkans through probably Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, and Slovakia to Poland and Ukraine, then back across through Germany to the Netherlands. That's about all I've planned here.


  1. I noticed couple of typos:

    Bloomfield and Lawrenceville are “hip[ster].”

    Cleveland is still [terrible].

    That is all

  2. You're here in time for the tail end of the Cleveland International Film Festival. Just FYI if you're looking for something to do.

  3. Man, haters gonna hate. See, we've got a film festival! (Thanks for the heads up, Cheryl.) What's Sunnyvale got?