Friday, March 9, 2012


Man! This city is the most beautiful place! Even the air smells better!

And I have a lot of friends here! This is very pleasant. Daniel and Killian have this cat:

I have not created many great stories this week. I have met up with friends, drank some uppers with some, drank some downers with some, ate some food with others. Board games have been played, a little bouldering and meditation have happened. No camel safaris or Himalayas or visa issues or idlis and vadas. But I would just like to record, as a memo to my future self, that I am thankful for weeks like this one, as well as months like this one and years like this one.


  1. cute cat! glad you're happy!

  2. the cat looks like it is -um...doing something.... in a box.
    I'm just sayin....

    but it's cute anyway. :-))