Tuesday, March 20, 2012


EDIT: I suppose I should be more clear: the following is a post about how much I like Toronto.

This is a city! This is a city with the tallest building in the world whatever, and parks from which to look scoff at it.

This is a city as griddy as New York. If Bombay's a grid and Delhi swings, well, Toronto doesn't swing. Which is nice. In Toronto's case, it's easy to find anything and easy to get anywhere. You can ride bikes and people do.

There's a nice subway but you don't even need it. The University is right in the center of everything. Fifty thousand students clustered at the heart of the town.

Churches. Old churches!

Neighborhoods where one might live.

Shiny downtowns, if that's your bag:

All of the cultures. (I wandered through at least an Italy, Portugal, China, and Korea.) A guy named Kevin who knows what's up.

Umm... architecture! Museums. Big city niceties. Biggest-city-in-the-country kind of clout.
Occasional weirdnesses.

Art galleries just hanging around. You can get your fancy coffee or your 50 cent donut and coffeepot on the same block. The Second Second City, the world's biggest film festival, and even some sports if you like. All of the wonders of being in the biggest place, and seemingly more affordable even than Seattle.

Toronto! How about this place!

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