Saturday, March 10, 2012

Planning again

Well, if I'm going to ride a motorbike through Eastern Europe, I have to plan some things, and there are a ton of choices.

First: where to go? I'm thinking about starting in Bulgaria (or maybe Turkey) and heading up to Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine (or maybe through Albania, Serbia, and Montenegro) and then across to Poland and the Czech Republic, and then to Holland through Germany (or maybe south through the Alps and Switzerland). Well, at least I know I want to end up in Holland. But knowing where to start, well, that is important, if I'm going to buy a plane ticket.

Second: is it even remotely possible to buy a motor scooter in, say, Bulgaria? I guess it is not very easy in Turkey, because you have to have an address there to register it, and you have to get a permit to take it out of the country.

Third: will I have to get a carnet de passage, to prove to some countries that I won't try to sell the scooter there?

Fourth: wait a minute... then how can I sell the scooter at the end?

Fifth: most motorcycle tourers use big bikes. I think it's because most motorcycle tourers like big bikes, but is it possible that I'm going to get totally schooled trying to ride a little dinky thing around a whole continent?

Frustratingly, I rather need to have answers to all of these before I start, or else the plane ticket I buy will go to different places. Hmm hmm. Let me know if you have any advice!


  1. Hell's Angels, here we come.
    Speaking as an experienced biker, former owner of a Yamaha 180 (i.e. lawnmower motor) and then Honda 350, I'd say you need something in the 350+ size. I don't know what they make these days. I would also want to talk to somebody who has done such things. Bill B, our neighbor, has a BIG HARLEY (think manly man) which I would never ride, I find 750 to be enormous. But, he may have some good advice. (I will email his number). First thing, get a good helmet and reflective clothes! Wish I were going too.

  2. i got an idea- buy a smart car. Still small and goes a long way on gas, safer, and no worries if it rains.

  3. Dad: good idea! I'll talk to Bill, either on the phone or in person when I come back to Cleveland.

    Mom: actually, the openness is the main reason I'd want to motorcycle. It's a different experience than a car; you're more connected to what's around you. And I have a lot of time, so I can plan my travel around the weather.

  4. Yeah, I get that- That's why I like convertibles!! :-)