Friday, April 20, 2012

Munich: why are you so nice

Everything is shiny and clean. They still have buildings with Gothic Germanic letters advertising "Biergarten" and "Gaststätte" unironically. Everything is kind of expensive but not out of control, especially beer. I found a nice outdoor market and a board game store, just walking around. Everything works. The public transportation is out-of-control good. Even so, if you have a motorbike, you can park it on the sidewalk. It doesn't interfere with the bicyclists because they have their own separate sidewalk. There are even a lot of couch surfers. In the utopian version of the future, every city looks like this.

But I don't get why everyone is so excited about this "rat house".


  1. GAHHH MUNICH. Have I mentioned my love for Munich? (yes.)

    The Rathaus is exciting because it's basically a giant cuckoo clock. I think it sings and dances at 11am and 2pm or something?

  2. Looks like your having a good time. Scenery now is much different than say India. I wondered about the Rathaus, so it's basically a cuckoo clock. I'm sure your having a good time, have fun and be safe. I enjoy your blog and photos.

  3. I guess I was making a bad joke about the name, which I can't say without thinking "house of rats". It's a pretty cool building, even though I didn't see the cuckoo clock show.