Monday, September 12, 2011

Back, and 10% more enlightened

Well it was a good retreat and all. Not perfect: a little talky, a little Buddhism 101, and well let's just say Buddhist rock made an appearance. (it is entirely as bad as Christian rock.) Buddhism's tricky: I guess I follow some sort of non-denominational Buddhism, but as with Christianity, "non-denominational" can be a blessing or an annoyance. But it was overall nice. I think I adapted to it smoother than my last retreat.

I keep trying to figure out how I'm getting to Srinagar. It is another 18-hour trip, and I'd like it to be not awful. Everyone says "book a shared taxi, not a bus, it is much better." Okay. And the rates are only a little higher (... in US dollars). Most of the trips leave at 4pm and go for 18 hours straight. I'd like to stop and sleep on a bed overnight, if possible. We'll see. I have to go check on that... right now.

More later, but for now: I'm alive, spirits are pretty good, health is pretty good.


  1. Dan, glad you are feeling better. Hope you get closer to sea level soon.
    I'm wondering what is your total percentage of enlightenment now with the additional 10%?
    PS. 18 uninterrupted hours in a taxi will likely reduce enlightenment.

  2. 0.0022%. Down from 0.0023% after the ride to Srinagar. :D