Sunday, September 25, 2011

Okay, enough talk, back to a good story with photos

Here is what McLeod Ganj looks like:

As I mentioned, you can walk to amazing places from McLeod Ganj! Let me tell you about one. There is a popular waterfall at Bhagsu; this is not it. This is Waterfall #2, on the road to Triund, branching off at Guna temple. It is a bit of a hike: we left around 9am and got back around 4pm, exhausted. First we walked through places like this:

You can imagine that signs for a "waterfall cafe" were met with a bit of disbelief:
Anyway, we kept walking and eventually made it to this:

Fellow hiker Talia
Jackie: I'm not in this photo, am I?
But it's okay because then they got this one of me:
And, believe it or not, the Waterfall Cafe finally did materialize. They must carry all their food (and drinks!) for an hour each morning. Mad!


  1. Jackie is beautiful and I'm glad she was in the photo.
    Also glad to see you. :-)

  2. pic #1 is stunning! wow! love the sunlight.
    i like the pics of you and others...looks like you're makin friends all over :)
    waterfall what an effort! did you buy anything there?

  3. Great Pics Dan! Stunning views! How lucky you are to experience such placid scenery!
    Keep smiling and looking great!

  4. Cheryl: Nope. It was mostly soda and chips anyway. Weird thing: you can get a Coca-cola or a bag of Lay's ANYWHERE.

    Also, in a sense, it's easy to make friends in tourist places like this. Everyone's there to do the same things, everyone's only there for a few days, and everyone's an outsider. It's really rather nice: I can't imagine just sitting down at a table with a stranger at home, but you can make good friends that way here.