Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some things I had just assumed were true that are actually untrue

- if you have a water heater, and you turn on the hot water faucet, hot water will come out
- if you turn on any water faucet, some water will come out
- the electricity is either working or not, with no intermediate states
- surely in a densely populated place like India, you can't be farther than an hour from internet
- and you can't get internet on your phone for just $2
- you certainly can't fit 8 9 10 11 12 13 people in a tuk-tuk
- air conditioning is an unnecessary luxury
- just driving in a car won't make you filthy
- everyone will of course realize that broadcasting prayers over loudspeakers is a terrible idea, especially early in the morning
- it is possible that there might be bad Indian food


  1. No bad Indian food? that's quite a statement....

    did you take a picture of the tuk-tuk thirteen?

  2. When I came back from South America, to Newark Airport, of all places, I wanted to kiss the tarmac. Just sayin.

  3. I don't think I would want to be anywhere where air conditioning isn't an unnecessary luxury.

  4. helicopter (hah!): nope, I think it is true. The only time I've been less than delighted with Indian food is when there's too much of it, which is easy to do because it's heavy, oily, and starchy. And I'm not really sure what is reasonable to eat for breakfast besides parathas, which are heavy, oily, and starchy, and therefore not a great way to start the day. But otherwise, pretty much always great.

    As for 13 in a tuk-tuk: nope, I was rather in the middle and couldn't get a good shot. To give you an idea: it's got two rows of seats and a back seat facing backwards, like a station wagon. So there were 3 in the front, 4 in the middle (incl me) and 3 in back. The "what!" moment happened when 3 more sat on the bar between the front and middle, facing backwards.

    Mr. T and Cheryl: I know! I remember now how happy I was to get to the (a/c) Delhi airport after my first trip to India. 90+ degrees and 1000% humidity will do that I guess. So I guess that either my body is suited to colder climates, or I am a medium-high maintenance white person. This too is fine.