Thursday, September 8, 2011

There are two very tall things in Leh

First, the Shanti Stupa:
(from far away)
(up close. how is it so shiny? first, constant maintenance; second, it is only 20 years old.)

(view from there)

And then there is the former Leh Palace, with Namgyal Tsemo Gompa above it.

view of the gompa from the palace

View of the city from up there

to one of my fellow travelers: "hey, could you get a shot with me in it, because I never take them and my family will want me to."

(the view from there)

Other things in Leh because it is the Ladakh Festival right now include polo, and monks wearing masks and dancing:

Other things that are in Leh all the time include shopping! If you want some things, I recommend asking Useless Wali. And if he doesn't have the junk you need, I know where to find more junk.

That is what is in Leh! This afternoon I am going to a meditation course at the Mahabodhi Center. Let us hope that my constant sniffles (India allergy again?) don't disrupt anyone else. I will be there for 3 days, so I'll see you after that.


  1. Dan, so great to SEE you! Many thanks to your fellow traveler for the pic. Just feels good to see you there. Plus, now you have street cred that you are really there.
    Hey, are those prayer flags flying across the city?

  2. Dan, I just watched the video on Mahabodhi. Thanks. (ps. Screen name officially shortened to CSShp :)

  3. Dan, nice photo. You don't look Indian, however. I hope you don't complain about the food or bed at the Mahabodhi Center. Good luck. Looking forward to the next entry.

  4. Wonderful pictures, Dan!
    Great to see you smiling.
    I look forward to hearing all the details of your next three days....
    keep notes!
    Love you!

  5. Prayer flags: yes indeed. They're all over the place. It adds a pretty cool flavor.

    I don't look Indian? What, is it the clothes? Must be the pants. Nobody has pants like this in India.

  6. Awesome pics!! And great camera. You're also looking pretty good in there as well :-) I'm enjoying your happy travels and tales