Friday, September 30, 2011

A taste of McLeod Ganj

Today and yesterday have been pretty dismal, involving hours of internet cafes, writing essays for grad school fellowships. Glad I had the time open! Turns out I had a bit of work to do. It also turns out that internet fritzing out for 20 minutes while I'm writing grad school essays in Google Docs makes me want to die a lot. To compensate, here's a bit of silliness.
Special pricing for dead communist dictators

I'm not sure why this strikes me as funny

Y'know, just in a temple, y'know, just around. (the down staircase is a snake!)

it's made of almonds, flour, sugar, and rare t-bone steak


  1. The Lion looks like an entrance to a fun house. Any of those wacky mirrors in there?

  2. No wacky mirrors. If I remember correctly, just a couple of passageways that were too small to walk through and vaguely creepy statues.